Friday 21 July 2017

Daily Nation 21 Jul 2017 Karachi Newspaper Today Edition

The Nation is one of the oldest broad sheet English newspaper of Pakistan whose foundation was laid in the late 1980’s at Lahore. Its roots were set in 1940 during the foundation of Nawaiwaqt, but it was launched at the end of 1986. Arif Nizami was the first editor of this newspaper who was fired by editor in chief of Waqt media Group Majid Nizami and his uncle. After him Shireen Mazari was the editor of daily Nation. Now Majid Nizami is the publisher of this newspaper and Saleem Bukhari is the current editor. They are continuously working hard and updating their readers from events occurring across the globe. This newspaper is very popular and is mostly quoted in talk shows and by politicians as well as the anchors.

The reason behind launching this The Nation Newspaper was not to generate huge revenues from it. The idea was simple enough to provide a platform to the people where they can join as a nation. As English is an international language so it was decided to launch it as an English newspaper. So the people who are other than Urdu speakers can also get the privilege of reading it and get themselves aware keep up with the modern era.

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Daily The Nation covers national and international news, glamor, business, sports, showbiz, the performing arts, entertainment, budget, literature and many more. It also has a special section for young readers “Young Nation” and also a Log on section for peoples who have interest in Information technology. In opinion section you can read articles on current issues written by famous writers, enlightening and brightening the minds of people and enriching their knowledge on some very major issues. That newspaper also includes cartoons based on the current country's situation which is a trend and light way of addressing major issues.

The Nation Daily Jobs is the section of the newspaper which is dedicated for job advertisements and has become really popular among the youth. As it includes tons of jobs advertisements on daily basis. The jobs offered are mostly from government, private and corporate sector. So if you are a fresh graduate or professional looking for an opportunity to switch this is the platform where you can find your dream job. This particular section sometimes also includes different tender notices in it announced by different organizations.
The Nation has its own weekly magazine known has The Nation Sunday Plus Magazine which has been really popular among the people. As it include something for everyone without the discrimination of age and sex. The magazine includes the categories like, politics, religious literature, health and beauty tips, fashion, poetry, short stories and much more. It is a versatile magazine involving literature of everyone’s interest.

The Nation is also available in online format known as The Nation ePaper and it can be reached at the official website of the Nation E paper the Nation provides you an exact copy of the printed version of this newspaper with a much easier access and without spending a dime. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. People from all over the world are enjoying this free service and getting themselves well informed. You can visit the Nation daily e paper for news updates, feeds and blogs. This service is available for the nation magazine too. The nation facebook page can be accessed by visiting while the nation twitter page can be viewed by visiting this link

The Nation Newspaper - Lahore Office
NIPCO House, 4 Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, LAHORE (Pakistan) Tel : 092-42-6367580
Fax : 092-42-6367005
The Nation Newspaper - Karachi Office
Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, Defence Housing Society, KARACHI-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-21-5843720-3
Fax : 092-21-5854932
The Nation Newspaper - Islamabad Office
Nawaiwaqt House, Zero Point, ISLAMABAD-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-51-2202641-4
Fax : 092-51-2202645-6
The Nation Newspaper - Multan Office
Nawaiwaqt House, Abdali Road, MULTAN-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-61-545571-4
Fax : 092-61-580958

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